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Discover and Develop Your Inner Star

Ramona is living proof that everyone can be a star once they access their inner strength. She shows audience members how to tap into the charismatic powerful influencer they know they were born to be. Ramona’s empowering message, high energy and infectious enthusiasm brings a whole new level of motivation to the platform along with an action-based strategy to become and stay at their best, no matter what.


Embrace and Empower the Superhero within

Fierce and fearless women are on the rise on the big screen and in our daily lives. Look around from Entrepreneurs, to Change Makers, let the Super hero in you arise! Ramona knows the physical work it takes to turn mere mortals into Superheroes. Mental and Emotional strength play equally in the transformation.


Live a life Turned on!

Make showing up 100% at home and at work the rule not the exception. Discover what you can achieve when you’re operating at full Voltage! Find hidden energy reserves and create new ones! Ramona has ushered many high functioning people through extreme work and life changes. Her ability to recognize and apply small changes to make big differences is all it takes to regain balance and perspective. Your relationships, whether personal or professional, will be stronger and your work more rewarding once you develop a Megawatt mindset.


Create Balance in Mind, Body and Spirit

In an Yin meets Yang wellness workshop, Ramona’s unique blend of east-west philosophies and practices introduces you to a FLOW that elevates the way you think, act and feel. Pulling from her East Indian roots, Ramona blends ancient Ayurvedic principles and practices with proven western stress reducing, strength building methods to bring balance to your life again.


When you live in the FLOW, your energy becomes contagious and benefits everyone around you.

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